10 Actors Who Really Need To Fire Their Agent

Posted on Jun 12, 2017

Actors often make bad movies. It is an unavoidable consequence of the profession, nobody ever gets through their entire career without starring in something terrible. Screen legends Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Christopher Walken have all admitted to taking every offer that comes their way becasuse they enjoy the work. Hell, even Daniel Day-Lewis was in Rob Marshall’s interminable Nine, remember?

Then there are the times that make you question just what the actor or actors in question were thinking when they signed on to a certain project, even with a terrible script right in front of them. Like the entire A-list cast of recent piece of sh*t Collateral Beauty (they had nineteen Academy Award nominations between them!) or Patrick Stewart playing a literal piece of sh*t in the upcoming Emoji Movie. Oh, right… money.

Sometimes, an actor can make so many baffling choices that it can send their career hurtling in an entirely different trajectory. Which makes you wonder; why the hell do these people even pay an agent to veto these things if they keep making such odd career decisions?

Bill Murray doesn’t even have an agent and he’s an undisputed legend. Maybe more actors should follow his lead…?

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