10 Facts You Didn?t Know About Your Vagina

Posted on Sep 5, 2015

Did you know that vagina translates as sword holder in Latin?

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The vagina. Your muffin. The lady garden. Fairy. Twinkle. Sword holder. Whatever you want to call it, you need to love it.

Aesthetically, everyone?s vagina is different. Some of us have bigger clits, smaller vulvas and of course, different haircuts, but that doesn?t mean that there?s something wrong with you if your vagina looks differently to that porn star?s. To be honest, they are the only people in the world who need to worry about what their vagina actually looks like, but if you?re into vajazzles and want cosmetic surgery to tweak your downstairs, then you should do what feels right for you.

Every woman knows that her vagina is her best friend and own worst enemy. With great power (and a vajayjay), comes great responsibility and it?s up to us to procreate and have children; unfortunately for us, that means having to push an actual child out of your ho-hah. Boo. You also have to endure periods, cramps alongside a whirlwind of emotions; but you can take some satisfaction in the fact that we can also have some really great sexy time.

So whilst there are pros and cons of having a vagina, there are also a lot of facts about your privates that you probably didn?t know before. After all, as long as it?s functioning and you don?t have any unexplained rashes, itches or sores (in which case, seek advice from your doctor as soon as possible), you?re probably not too bothered about how it actually works.

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