10 Formers WWE Superstars Who Need To Return To NXT

Posted on Feb 16, 2015

Could more ex-WWE stars be following Rhyno and Brian Kendrick to NXT?



Former WWE superstars Brian Kendrick and Rhyno returned to WWE at the last set of NXT tapings. Kendrick wrestled Balor in the main event of one show, while there were hints dropped that that a Blor versus Rhyno programme could be on the cards for the future.

Both reportedly received huge ovations from the NXT faithful and looked good in the ring. While it?s unknown whether or not there are any long term plans for Rhyno and/or Kendrick, according to PWInsider.com this is part of an experiment to help NXT workers get ready quicker for the main roster.

WWE wants to add more established names to the NXT roster to work with the talent and help them get ready for the big move. You only get better by wrestling those that are better or more experienced than you. Kendrick and Rhyno are both veterans who know what they?re doing. Having them come in and put over NXT talent is certainly no bad thing.

But it begs the question: what other former WWE superstars could WWE bring back to use in a similar role? There are no shortage of ex-WWE guys who would jump at the chance to work for the promotion again but, in this hypothetical scenario, WWE would have to be careful with who they chose to bring back. Some are better suited to the gig than others.

Here are ten former WWE superstars who would benefit the NXT project.

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