10 Gaming Predictions For The Rest Of 2016

Posted on Jul 17, 2016

Like just almost any year in gaming, 2016 has so far had both its big surprises (Resident Evil’s radical reboot) and totally predictable happenings (Uncharted 4 was great…who knew?).

The second half of any given gaming year almost always tends to be more exciting, as developers prep their latest titles and hardware for the inevitable Christmas rush, where most of their annual revenue is made.

So, what does the remainder of 2016 hold? What will win Game of the Year? Will those mysterious big-hitters live up to the hype? What big gaming crazes will see us heading into 2017? The possibilities are endless, and these predictions are just a few stabs in the dark at what might make some of the year’s biggest industry headlines. As for the rest? We’ll have to wait and see.

Here are 10 gaming predictions for the rest of 2016…

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