10 Insanely Difficult Video Game Bosses That Weren’t Worth The Pain

Posted on Mar 14, 2017

Some video game bosses are purposefully designed to be very beatable ? they tend to be the ones that allow us to progress through a game’s story.

Others deliberately pose a real challenge. Maybe they test our wits, our perseverance, and with ever-improving AI, our strategy – but ultimately we are rewarded with a feeling of pure elation when we finally beat them.

Then there are these guys, who are just there to frustrate.

Sure, the developers entice us with the dangling carrot of a rare item, a super weapon or a hidden playable character, but sometimes the sheer effort to overcome these optional challenges is just not worth the blood, sweat, and mostly tears that we shed.

So difficult and outrageous are they, that if we ever do finally fell these collective spawns of Satan, we just find ourselves collapsing in a puddle of our own fury, questioning why the developer dared to create such a monstrosity in the first place.

For completionists, the word ‘optional’ in Optional Boss is a cruel misnomer, but even the following battles were hardly worth the hours spent wallowing in defeat.

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