10 Ludicrous Pro Wrestling Quirks

Posted on Mar 11, 2015

There?s no business like show business? Try the wrestling business on for size!


When watching wrestling, it?s important for people to be able to somewhat suspend their disbelief. In fact, it?s downright crucial if anyone wants to get any real enjoyment out of the medium, mainly because ? let?s be honest ? there?s so much wacky stuff that happens during any given show.

There?s an argument to be made that a large part of the charm wrestling gives off is down to how barmy it is, acting as escapism from the pressures and struggles of the real world. In essence, wrestling fans know they can just kick back, relax and enjoy some pro wrestling at the end of a long, hard day.

Even as ardent fans, even the most defensive of grappling enthusiasts must admit that there are something which simply don?t make much sense. These illusion-breakers can often take fans out of the moment, and act as strange little nuances which just have to be accepted.

In addition, there are some odd quirks about the wrestling industry in general, ones which the industry can?t seem to shake off. Maybe there?s really no need to shed anything, because wrestling is a formula that works, but they nonetheless remain quite odd, and wholly unique to the grappling business.

This list looks at 10 of the most ludicrous little eccentricities most prevalent in wrestling ? not exclusive to WWE, these have become industry standards!

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