10 Rey Mysterio Matches We Must See In 2016

Posted on Dec 22, 2015

What dream matches await the Master of the 619 in 2016?


In what could probably be described as the least surprising surprise in professional wrestling in 2015, Rey Mysterio and World Wrestling Entertainment parted company. As the injuries had mounted up Rey seemed to spend more time on the shelf that in the ring, and was barely used by the company in his last two years or so.

Rey?s WWE career was way more of a success than most expected it to be however. The standout luchador from World Championship Wrestling, Rey made his debut with the company in 2002 with a noticeably beefier look and a whole lot of hype. He would go on to win countless championship titles, including an emotional World Heavyweight Championship victory at WrestleMania XXII.

Rey recently signed with Lucha Underground for their second season, in the sort of move that will make fans of the show even more hyped for the new season, along with surely bringing some new fans to the Temple.

Freed of the shackles of WWE and repetitive matches, a whole host of fresh opponents are waiting for Rey Mysterio. From high flying luchadores to monster behemoths to bona fide independent legends, here are 10 Rey Mysterio matches we simply have to see in 2016.

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