10 Walking Dead Moments That Made You Scared To Be Human

Posted on Apr 2, 2016

People are the threat now.


Six seasons in and we?ve seen some pretty awful stuff. You?d be forgiven for not knowing what your limit is anymore but, regardless, The Walking Dead is still tirelessly looking for it.

Then, y?know, pushing past it.

Horses consumed to the bone and people being torn apart by ravenous corpses has become normal for TWD fans. But what gives us pause are those human moments, and how the genre affects them. The concept of survival is something we rarely have to deal with and, despite how much we think about it, none of us really know how we would act.

The Walking Dead has challenged this lie and has confronted us with the truth of it; we just have no idea what we are capable of. Violence and horror follow the walkers but that comes second place to our carnage, terrifying design and depravity.

As abruptly as a knife fight over a can of beans, we?re jumping right into these ten times Rick and co. showed us that the most terrifying monsters around are us.

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