10 Ways WWE Is Burying Daniel Bryan

Posted on Mar 19, 2015

After a Yes, Yes, Yes from WWE it?s certainly a No, No, No now?


It has been a frustrating year for every single member of the Yes Movement.

Daniel Bryan?s against all odds WWE World Heavyweight Championship win was THE feel good moment of 2014. But since his hand was raised and he embraced Connor ?The Crusher? Michalek, almost nothing has gone right for the former ?Goat Face?.

Almost immediately, he was sidelined with a neck injury that threatened to end his illustrious career and was stripped of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship before making one of the most anticipated returns of recent memory in the build up to the Royal Rumble.

However, he hasn?t been afforded the opportunity to make the sizeable impact almost all of the WWE Universe thought he should have. Poor booking and a seemingly open attempt to hold him back in many respects has resulted in a pretty tragic fall from grace in less than 12 months.

Despite this, the WWE Universe remains behind him, even if their chants are now falling on what appear to be deaf ears.

With Bryan, it seems as if the powers that be have never wanted to make him their go to guy from the start of his WWE run as part of NXT in 2009. It has taken a pretty relentless assault from the WWE Universe to get him all the success he has achieved so far.

Here are 10 instances where WWE has tried to bury Daniel Bryan from day one.

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