10 Worst Fashion Mistakes By Triple H

Posted on Jan 2, 2016

Terminator + Conan ? Arnold Schwarzenegger = Prick.


After charting the fashion crimes by The Undertaker and Vince McMahon in previous articles, it seemed only natural that next on the catwalk would be the COO of WWE himself, Triple H. Paul Levesque has wrestled since the early 1990?s and since his debut in the World Wrestling Federation in 1995, he?s gone through a lot of drastic transformations.

Triple H has had some horrendous looks over the years so it?s been hard to narrow it down to just 10. There?s been a lot more leather and latex involved in his performance that you should see on most pro wrestlers but most of the time, The Game manages to pull it off.

Please note WhatCulture.com does not endorses any of the outfits that Mr Helmsley decided would be a good idea to wear in public?

10. The Blueblood Look


In the mid 1990?s, everything was changing ? music, movies, television and wrestling had to follow suit sooner or later. All the cheesy pop songs and chick flicks of the 80?s were tossed to the side for more gripping movies and realistic music, and the only people in wrestling trying to change with the times were ECW. But in 1995, one of Vince McMahon?s ideas was to bring in a Greenwich blueblood named Hunter Hearst Helmsley.

Paul Levesque just wanted a break and he was going to take it, even if the gimmick was so horribly out of touch, it?s hard to find comedy in the fact. HHH would pose for promo shots in a white shirt with a black leather waistcoat, looking like a poor knock off of Lord Steven Regal.

He would come to the ring dressed like someone straight out of a country club in a scene from a Beverly Hills Cop movie. Poor Levesque did his best, but the gimmick was a complete dud. He?d wear long tights that looked like he was about to enter a fencing contest and tie his hair up with a long black ribbon hanging out of his head like he?d just won a prize at a county fair.

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