10 Wrestling April Fools That Would Really Suck

Posted on Apr 1, 2015

Daniel Bryan, you?re off to NXT.


April Fools Day has been the bane of many for years. It seems April 1st cannot come and go without some degree of pranks being played on all and sundry, inevitably leading to some confused faces, before it?s all revealed to be a hoax. From there, laughs are exchanged, but there are occasions on which April Fools Day pranks can lead to horrified faces!

Normally, the day sees innocent jokes taking centre stage, but just imagine the possibilities celebrities have to pull the wool over the eyes of their fans each year, tricking them into thinking things that aren?t necessarily true. That attitude extends to professional wrestling, where stars such as Chris Jericho and even John Cena have had some fun with their followers on social media.

Contained here are 10 horrifying potential April Fools Day pranks in the grappling world, ones that would be utterly terrible if they were to come true. Of course, it?s all fantasy, and (hopefully) none of these entries will ever see the light of day, but just imagine if they did.

From building entire divisions around ex stars, to top names being thrown back down the ladder, hold onto your hats, because if these things were to even happen, there may just be chaos in the wrestling world.

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