10 Wrestling Facts We Didn?t Know Last Week (Jan 1)

Posted on Jan 2, 2016

Just how close was Chris Jericho to being The Goon in WWF?


Currently, Hulk Hogan is taking a sabbatical from World Wrestling Entertainment and pro wrestling in general. Amidst racism allegations, the ?Hulkster? was smeared in 2015, and the allegations have ended his ambassador-like role with the company for the time being. It seems like Hogan was advised to disappear for a while, although there?s already talk that he?ll work with the promotion again in the future.

Even though he?s not directly involved, that doesn?t mean that Hulk isn?t paying attention to what?s happening in the pro wrestling world. In this week?s article, Hulk has some kind words for a current WWE talent, one he feels is the best the group has to offer. The answer may surprise some fans.

That?s what this article is all about, offering up 10 pro wrestling-related facts which even the most passionate grappling enthusiasts may not have know about last week. The industry moves quickly, and there is always fresh news coming out which can occasionally raise the eyebrows.

Joining Hulk Hogan, there are facts related to the likes of Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, Mick Foley and even former WWE performer Jonathan Coachman. Further to that, there?s also an intriguing fact regarding Monday Night Raw, and much more.

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