11 Things Guaranteed To Happen In The Week Before Your Period

Posted on Apr 8, 2015

You?ve just hit Operation Get Through Another Week Of PMS.


Spot outbreaks, emotional meltdowns, body complexes and a craving for chocolate on a scale you never imagined could exist: that?s right lady, you?re about to come on your period. You?ve just hit Operation Get Through Another Week Of PMS.

And with over three and a half billion women world wide, we?re talking about premenstrual syndrome on a pretty massive level here.

How does a woman explain the sheer nightmare of PMS to a man? Perhaps you could ask him to visualise millions and millions of itty-bitty hormones across the globe, battling it out in fighting arenas (women?s bodies), all for the sake of reproduction. Or lure a wasp into a glass of jam and then watch it?s growing rage and panic as it can?t find it?s way out ? and use this as a representation to show him how you feel just before your period is due. Or even just start crying over nothing and let him see for himself what it is like to be an overly emotional and hormonal female.

Oh, and guess what? There is no cure for the dreaded PMS. You can sample as many herbal remedies as you like, you can try and fight the waves of emotion that will overcome you, and you can do as much exercise as you like; but let?s just face it. This week is not going to be your week. At all.

Oh men. You?ll never understand the hardships of womanhood?

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