12 Best PS4 Exclusives Of 2017 (So Far)

Posted on Jul 13, 2017

Ps4 Exclusives Sony

2017 has already been one Hell of a year for gamers so far, after it served up one of the best, most wallet-annihilating Q1 periods in recent memory. However, it’s PS4 owners in particular who have been spoiled for choice with a fantastic line-up of exclusive titles.

While the Xbox One has unfortunately struggled to cobble together a compelling set of exclusives this year and the Nintendo Switch is still working on building up its first-year library, the PS4 has surged ahead with a thrilling mix of long-awaited sequels, compelling new IPs and even a few remasters of beloved classics.

If you haven’t made time for these games yet, you absolute must at your nearest convenience, because they represent the best and most diverse gameplay the PS4 has to offer right now.

Note: the term “exclusive” will in this instance refer to games that are either fully exclusive to the PS4 platform or only available on the PlayStation family of consoles outside of PCs, so not available on either the Xbox One or Nintendo Switch…

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