12 Small Victories All Queen?s University Belfast Students Dream About

Posted on Apr 9, 2015

It?s not all about getting a Boojum for lunch. Okay, maybe it is.


Queen?s University ? one of the few universities in Northern Ireland, a prestigious institute that?s been established for over a century, affiliated with the Russell Group and dedicated to educating thousands of students each year. While all of this is true, it would perhaps be more accurate to add in some other details too.

Queen?s University ? the only university in Northern Ireland to tease the most delicious burritos you?ve ever tasted and then chuck an hour long queue into the mix. The only university in Northern Ireland to pitch a WKD tent outside its student union on practically a bimonthly basis. And certainly the only university in Northern Ireland it?s actually worth going to (just kidding UU, QUB loves you really).

Yes, like all universities, Queen?s is a strange and magical place, wrapped up in that weird student paradox of wanting a decent degree but not actually wanting to do any work. For this reason (and in order to make higher education slightly more bearable) Queen?s students hold on to what little victories they can get.

Just what are those victories? And how can you go about achieving them? Tear yourself away from your overly-priced textbooks and take a look ? I?m sure that essay due next week will write itself?

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