12 TV Moments Made Unintentionally Depressing By Real Life Events

Posted on Aug 8, 2015

When life unfortunately imitates art.

The Simpsons 911

Dated TV is a difficult pill to swallow: if a show is packed with dated topical references, or uses a style that became so well-worn that it lost all of its appeal, rewatching it becomes incredibly jarring. Occasionally, though, some shows are difficult to revisit for one simple reason: they unfortunately eerily predict real life events (usually tragic), adding an oddly sinister undertone to once favourite shows.

These are the weirdly prophetic storylines that make you cringe when running through the DVD box set years later. A character might make a joke about a terrorist attack in an episode airing shortly before 9/11, or maybe they?ll make some affectionate comment for a public figure later revealed to be a sex offender/killer/the devil incarnate.

In the worst examples, what happens to a character can creepily mirror the actor?s real life death, and watching in hindsight becomes like actually watching them die on screen. 

Nobody blinked an eye when these 12 moments originally aired, but they?re all physically painful to watch in 2015, and you just want to reach into the television and warn the actors and the audience of what?s to come. If only that were possible. Here are 12 ordinary TV scenes that become really depressing in hindsight?

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