13 Despicable TV Villains Who Were Finally Delivered Justice

Posted on Aug 26, 2016

Breaking Bad Walter White death AMC

TV is arguably the medium where the villain ends up outshining the hero the most. No dramatic TV series can function without an imposing villain with whom the hero must contend, though often, in ground-breaking shows like The Sopranos and Breaking Bad, the villain ends up being the protagonist, a bad guy who we nevertheless find ourselves inexplicably drawn to. Sure, many of these characters demonstrate slivers of humanity or may have descended from hero to villain status, but they’re ultimately defined by their most heinous acts.

And that’s the common thread here: each of these 13 characters, in spite of their charm, sex appeal or intelligence, committed horrendous acts for which they could not be forgiven. In the end, in one way or another, their pasts caught up with them, and though this didn’t always result in their demise (though it usually did), they’re left cursed forever more either way.

As a viewer having stuck with a series for years and years, it’s tremendously gratifying to see such characters fed their just desserts, even if we may find ourselves somewhat conflicted in the respect of several of the anti-hero characters who populate this list…

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