13 Most Powerful Items In The DC Cinematic Universe

Posted on Mar 19, 2017

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Even the most powerful superheroes need assistance sometimes (well, all except Superman, whose feats of power are generally limited to his own behaviours), and if Batman has taught us anything, it’s that powerful objects can actually take the place of genetic mutations or mystical powers entirely.

And while the DC Cinematic Universe may be young, we’ve already seen a procession of ridiculously powerful items introduced in the three films already released, as well as teases for more in the upcoming slate of films. We’ve seen man-made, alien-made and magical artefacts all capable of various degrees of power, and all deadly in the wrong hands. It’s just lucky that most of them so far have been wielded by the heroic side of DC’s movie roster.

But which is the most powerful item introduced so far?

Honourable Mention

The Green Lantern Ring (And Variants)

Green Lantern Ring Warner Bros.

Nothing is currently wholly set in stone, but we are told to expect to see a Green Lantern Corps movie to be fully cemented for a 2020 release, which means the impending introduction of the Power Rings. There’ll definitely be Green ones, capable of manifesting anything the wearer cares to conjure, and there may also be Yellow (if Sinestro and his Corps appear, as they should), and when they appear they will immediately jump into the top five of rankings like this.

For now though, we wait and hope upon hope that there’s a Black Power Ring in there somewhere too…

Here’s how the other artefacts introduced in the DC Cinematic Universe so far rank in terms of power…

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