14 Funniest Moments In Deadpool

Posted on Feb 13, 2016

?Ever see 127 Hours??

20th Century Fox20th Century Fox

Deadpool is one of the funniest characters in comics and wouldn?t you know it, with the arrival of Ryan Reynolds? latest big screen take, he?s now one of the funniest in action movie history too?

Spoilers beyond this point?

14. Haunted Segway Tours

Legendary PicturesLegendary Pictures

It?s a comforting moment that less than five minutes into the movie you realise they?ve gotten the character of Deadpool completely down pat.

As he rides in the back of Dopinder?s cab, bored to tears, DP rolls the window up and down, pulls gum from the ceiling, and fishes through the tourist literature on the back of the seat in front of him.

Hilariously, he settles on ?Haunted Segway Tours? and stuffs the pamphlet in one of his myriad of pouches (itself a nice reference to the 90s era of big guns and countless pouches where DP made his debut).

The cherry on top is the way that Reynolds plays it ? he almost scrambles to fold that leaflet up and get it in his pocket out of sheer excitement.

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