15 Things You Need To Know About Chyna

Posted on Feb 8, 2015

The NWO, #1 contender, teaching English, Terminator 3, a porn career and plenty more!



After ?Stone Cold? Steve Austin?s recent Vince McMahon interview proved a huge success for both he and the WWE, it was decided that the Texas Rattlesnake would return to carry out another one of his Steve Austin Show podcasts in conjunction with the WWE Network. This time his guest was WWE COO and cornerstone of the company, HHH.

Of the various subjects that were raised by ?Stone Cold?, one that garnered particular interest online was the topic of Chyna. Undoubtedly a truly ground-breaking female talent, the real-life Joanie Laurer is surely a no-brainer for the WWE Hall of Fame at some point, right? Maybe not, for the WWE jury is still out on that issue.

HHH essentially questioned some of Chyna?s life choices and decisions as to why she maybe may not be such an ideal candidate for the Hall of Fame, and it?s fair to say that the Ninth Wonder of the World has certainly seen more than her fair share of ups and downs throughout her career and her life.

Whether Chyna does end up in the Hall of Fame on day, we?ll have to wait and see. For now, here?s 15 facts that you need to know about this unique talent.

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