2017 Canadian Grand Prix team radio transcript | 2017 Canadian Grand Prix

Posted on Jun 16, 2017

From Daniil Kvyat swearing to Fernando Alonso despairing, it was business as usual on the team radios during the Canadian Grand Prix.

A series of frustrations raised Kvyat?s ire, which grew so great his engineer warned him to mind his language at one point. First his car failed to get away on the formation lap, then he was unable to regain his correct grid position at the start, incurring a penalty.

Start, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, 20172017 Canadian Grand Prix in picturesThe stewards botched his penalty which meant Kvyat had to serve it in two parts. And his misery was capped when a wheel nut problem left him stuck in the pits. That cost him so much time the team decided to retire his car.

Meanwhile Fernando Alonso was doing his best to keep his McLaren in a strategically strong position due to his car?s obvious weakness on the straights. The Honda?s lack of grunt was exacerbated by a headwind on a blustery day at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

It was a straightforward race for Lewis Hamilton who won as he pleased. On the way he kept tabs on Sebastian Vettel?s progress, though his race engineer was eager to keep his own race the subject of their discussions.

Even before the mid-point of the race it was clear a row was brewing at Force India. After the drivers diverged on strategy Sergio Perez, who had led early on, was anxious for updates on how his team mate was getting along.

When Esteban Ocon appeared behind him and began lobbying for a switch of running order so he could make a bid for the podium, Perez was unwilling to co-operate: Even when his team offered to ensure he got his position back if Ocon was unable to pass the car ahead.

The pair had a feisty exchange on the final lap and Ocon revealed his displeasure at his team mate?s driving.

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2017 Canadian Grand Prix team radio transcript

Lap* Driver Message
PR To Fernando Alonso Fernando we think Magnussen and Wehrlein on prime tyres. Everyone else on option. That?s what we think.
FL From Daniil Kvyat There is no any anti-stall. Clutch failure guys. Yep, OK, I go. Can I recover positions until the Safety Car?
FL To Daniil Kvyat Copy, copy.
2 To Kevin Magnussen OK the situation looks promising. You and Wehrlein are the only cars on the reverse strategy. Really promising.
3 From Felipe Massa Unbelievable. I have no idea what?s happened, man. Somebody just pushed me completely.
3 To Fernando Alonso Kvyat had a problem. He was late leaving the grid. He will try to recover his position by Safety Car one line.
3 From Fernando Alonso He didn?t. He was behind me.
3 From Fernando Alonso I mean, what they are doing? What crazy start, you know. They need to calm down.
3 To Lewis Hamilton So you now control the pace, remember the restart.
6 From Sebastian Vettel Check the aero numbers, front-left. Seems I have quite a lot of understeer. There?s little grip on the front-left. There seems to be an issue. I think I have damage on the front wing.
6 To Sebastian Vettel Yeah the front wing, we see a big loss, so we need to box and change it.
6 From Sebastian Vettel Maybe we can delay that, stop a little bit?
6 To Sebastian Vettel There is a risk to damage the car and it is too dangerous, so box now.
7 To Stoffel Vandoorne OK Stoff that?s a good start to the race. Now let?s settle in, use the tow if we can.
8 From Romain Grosjean Grosjean fumed at Sainz.
What, what a mental guy. What was that? Box, I think I?ve got damage on the front wing. What a mental guy. Twice he hit me. Mental.
8 To Romain Grosjean OK box now we?ll change the front wing.
9 To Daniel Ricciardo OK mate so let?s push now. Make a good gap to Perez behind.
9 From Sebastian Vettel Vettel?s car had bargeboard damage.
I think I lost some piece of the front wing again. Check the numbers. Something came off before braking for turn three/four.
12 To Sergio Perez How has the car balance been for aero balance, Checo?
12 From Sergio Perez I?m comfortable with it. Just struggling with the wind and traction, traction is quite poor.
13 From Kevin Magnussen There is a Ferrari cap under the bridge into turn eight, can they remove that?
13 To Kevin Magnussen A Pirelli cap you said? OK understood, reported.
16 To Marcus Ericsson OK Marcus. Palmer is much slower than you on these tyres. We need to close the gap.
16 To Daniil Kvyat Danny, box for drive-through penalty. We have a drive-through penalty. We were not in front of Alonso before the?
16 From Daniil Kvyat Ah, [censored by FOM] sake.
16 To Daniil Kvyat Just push Danny, we?ll see what we can do.
19 To Sergio Perez Push, use everything from the tyre.
19 From Fernando Alonso Will be difficult to defend on the straights so think about the strategy if we can.
19 To Fernando Alonso Understood. At the moment we?re still thinking Plan A around the target stop lap.
19 From Fernando Alonso OK there is a lot of headwind on the straight so if you are leading it?s difficult to keep the position.
19 To Kevin Magnussen This is absolutely awesome. Keep fighting like that.
20 From Nico Hulkenberg That?s a good idea to pit [unclear].
20 To Nico Hulkenberg Roger that, Nico.
20 From Nico Hulkenberg This message did not immediately follow the previous reply.
What a [censored by FOM] idiot!
21 To Fernando Alonso Cars immediately behind are Ricciardo, Perez, Raikkonen, all of whom have pitted. The nextcar that?s a threat to us is Magnussen. He?s plus 8.9 but we are pulling away from him.
23 To Fernando Alonso And Fernando please avoid short-shift third to fourth.
23 From Fernando Alonso Where, where I?m doing that?
24 From Lewis Hamilton OK Lewis so we?re thinking soft tyre for next stint. Ricciardo is on it now. He?s doing a 17.0.
24 To Lewis Hamilton This tyre?s lasting really well now, though.
24 From Lewis Hamilton OK Valtteri?s in the pits now, he?s going to the soft, we?ll have a look at it.
25 To Kevin Magnussen Pace is really good.
26 To Daniel Ricciardo OK mate you?re doing a good job. Let?s keep it smooth.
27 To Fernando Alonso OK Fernando this pace is good. We?re looking at Plan A plus five.
27 From Fernando Alonso You are not giving me useful information. I need the pace of Magnussen. I need other things.
27 To Fernando Alonso Magnussen is still plus 7.7. We are matching his pace. He?s doing 18.2s as well.
28 From Fernando Alonso I don?t think the prime is a good tyre. Raikkonen is pulling away too slowly. Same as Vettel, catching us too slowly.
28 To Fernando Alonso OK understood, we?ll have a good look at the data.
29 From Sergio Perez How is Ocon doing? What is Ocon doing?
29 To Sergio Perez Ocon stayed out. He?s in free air. You?re still in his pit window and pace is very similar to him.
32 From Lewis Hamilton Small vibration from a lock-up.
32 From Esteban Ocon Getting less grip now.
33 From Romain Grosjean The super-softs are not working today. That?s why we?re struggling with the grip.
33 From Daniil Kvyat What a [censored by FOM]. [Censored by FOM].
33 To Daniil Kvyat Copy Danny, copy. Watch your word as well, please.
34 From Fernando Alonso Embarrassing power with this mode.
38 To Stoffel Vandoorne We?re going to go longer.
38 From Stoffel Vandoorne OK.
40 To Lewis Hamilton So Vettel is a 16.4. He?s on 32-lap-old super-soft tyres. Currently sitting P7.
40 From Lewis Hamilton Guess he?s doing a two-stop?
40 To Lewis Hamilton We think everyone is definitely on the one-stop.
40 To Sebastian Vettel Keep pushing. Are you at full speed? We are considering plan B. We pit stop soon.
40 From Sebastian Vettel Yeah I?m at full speed. The tyres are pretty worn. Quite a lot of sliding.
41 To Fernando Alonso How?s the front wing level?
41 From Fernando Alonso Try less to get some traction.
42 To Kimi Raikkonen Box this lap, Kimi. We?re going to try something. We?re going quali tyres. We?re going to be close with Alonso on exit. We?ll need to push on exit.
43 From Daniil Kvyat Did Alonso stop yet?
43 To Daniil Kvyat No, he didn?t.
44 From Sebastian Vettel Do we believe the other cars have to stop?
44 To Sebastian Vettel No, they don?t.
45 To Stoffel Vandoorne Car behind is Stroll. Hold up Stroll if you can.
46 To Kimi Raikkonen OK so Seb is staying out. He?s going to try and overtake those Force Indias. We just keep going as we are. Good pace.
48 From Lewis Hamilton What position is Vettel in?
48 To Lewis Hamilton So Vettel back in P6.
48 From Lewis Hamilton Is he coming through the pack?
48 To Lewis Hamilton Negative he?s still on used super-soft tyre.
48 From Lewis Hamilton Do you think he?s going to make it to the end on those tyers?
48 To Lewis Hamilton We?re not sure how he?ll get on but your level of management is excellent.
48 To Daniel Ricciardo OK Daniel how are the tyres at the moment?
48 From Daniel Ricciardo Just really hard to lean on them. Just feels very much like it?s on top of the surface. Just trying to manage.
48 To Daniel Ricciardo OK Daniel understood. If you can sustain this level of pressure for a bit, Perez will start to struggle again. So keep it smooth, keep it clean.
48 From Daniel Ricciardo Yep understood.
48 From Sergio Perez What else can I use?
48 To Sergio Perez Checo with energy we?re full deploy, that?s everything.
48 To Kevin Magnussen Come on junior, push, give everything.
50 To Valtteri Bottas Magnussen has got a blue flag.
50 From Valtteri Bottas He?s not moving over.
50 To Valtteri Bottas Copy that.
50 From Sebastian Vettel Do you think we will get them at the end?
50 To Sebastian Vettel Yep we think so. Should catch them and have eight laps to battle.
50 To Kimi Raikkonen OK Seb is in this lap. K1 both straights. You will be in front though. K1 both straights.
52 From Esteban Ocon I can probably pass Ricciardo.
52 To Sergio Perez Checo, Esteban is pushing, saying he can overtake Ricciardo if given the chance. So do what you can.
52 From Sergio Perez Yeah, Ricciardo will deg off in a couple of laps.
53 From Sebastian Vettel How are we doing?
53 To Sebastian Vettel You are the fastest car on track. Keep pushing like this.
54 From Daniil Kvyat I had some strange vibration in the engine. Exit of turn three.
54 To Daniil Kvyat Box Danny. You will have a ten second penalty. Don?t worry, we are still fighting for P10.
54 From Daniil Kvyat What for?
54 To Daniil Kvyat Don?t worry. Ten second penalty. Box box.
55 To Daniil Kvyat Stop the engine, Danny.
55 From Daniil Kvyat I stopped the engine.
57 To Sergio Perez Checo at the end of this lap we would like to give you three laps to attack Ricciardo. Otherwise we will have to switch. Ferraris are closing.
57 From Sergio Perez It?s a waste of time, man. Ricciardo is degging off. I want the chance to overtake him. I mean, let us race, man. Please.
57 To Sergio Perez Checo the plan is we want to attack before the Ferraris arrive behind us so we are on that plan. If we switch and Ocon couldn?t get past we would switch back.
57 From Sergio Perez Ricciardo, I want the chance to go into the lapped cars. Just leave me alone now. Give me the chance now. We will pick up some traffic. There will be an opportunity.
58 From Jolyon Palmer Very weird feeling from the rear, there.
59 To Romain Grosjean Wind has changed. Crosswind from the left into 13.
60 To Daniil Kvyat Box Danny box. We will retire the car. Wait a second and switch off. Sorry for that.
60 From Daniil Kvyat [Censored by FOM] hell, guys.
60 To Kimi Raikkonen OK Kimi you know the score. The front of this group is the podium. Let?s try and push on.
62 To Sebastian Vettel Very good lap. Keep pushing like this. Ricciardo lap time 16.8. They are struggling. They report they are struggling, Ricciardo, Perez comms.
62 To Kimi Raikkonen OK Kimi so when we get within DRS we?ll have engine five and OBR will be available. But it?s important to catch quickly.
62 From Kimi Raikkonen Yeah what?s wrong with my brakes? Keep losing the bite.
62 To Kimi Raikkonen OK we?re checking on data.
64 To Daniel Ricciardo Doing a relly good job, mate. Keep it smooth.
64 From Kimi Raikkonen I have a BBW fail. What can you do.
64 To Kimi Raikkonen OK.
64 From Kimi Raikkonen What can I do?
64 To Kimi Raikkonen I?m going to get back to you. DDC seven on.
64 From Kimi Raikkonen Still system is failing.
64 To Kimi Raikkonen OK let me see what we?re going to do next. It may have come back, Kimi, just try this corner.
64 From Kimi Raikkonen No it?s not.
64 To Kimi Raikkonen OK it seems the recovery is not working. I?ll get back to you in a second. Keep going as you are if you can. So DDD four zero on.
64 From Kimi Raikkonen It?s still not working.
64 To Kimi Raikkonen So DDA four two on. And can you push OBR button to on, push the OBR button, it?s important. And DDA forty-two on.
64 From Kimi Raikkonen Raikkonen also swore in Finnish.
So is it four D or forty-two?
64 To Kimi Raikkonen Forty-two, Kimi.
67 To Esteban Ocon So keep pushing up to Perez, he will be in trouble soon.
67 From Esteban Ocon Vettel cut the track.
67 To Esteban Ocon Vettel cut the track. So push now he?ll have dirty tyres and he won?t have DRS. Use your energy.
68 To Kimi Raikkonen OK Kimi we?re just going to be nursing this car home until the end.
69 From Fernando Alonso Engine. Engine blow-up.
VL To Lewis Hamilton Nice work Lewis. Excellent race, mate. Walk in the park for you today.
VL From Lewis Hamilton Hamilton: Fantastic job guys. Well deserved. Great points for the team. Well done to Valtteri as well.
VL To Valtteri Bottas Great job Valtteri. That?s P1 and P2. First one-two of the season.
VL From Valtteri Bottas Thank you guys, we all deserve the one-two. Really good job. Thanks for the car, guys.
VL To Daniel Ricciardo OK mate that?s it nice job P3.
VL From Daniel Ricciardo Holy [censored by FOM] that was busy.
VL To Daniel Ricciardo Yeah you had a bit on there mate. Very good. Very solid. No mistakes. Very consistent. Good pace. Nice job.
VL To Daniel Ricciardo Well done Daniel really good drive. Not a single mistake. Well done.
VL From Sebastian Vettel Ah was one lap too little. I should have got past Perez the last before. Ah, you lose a lot when you follow so close. I don?t know what Ocon was doing. He was moving quite a lot under braking. Was a bit hairy. Nice race, nice recovery. But I think the car deserved more today. Start was actually OK but Bottas was a bit kamikaze considering how dirty and slippery it was. But that?s how it goes sometimes.
VL From Sergio Perez Good job guys.
VL To Sergio Perez Well done Checo. God job . Well done.
VL From Sergio Perez At the end I had no front-left tyre. Couldn?t defend from Vettel.
VL From Esteban Ocon He cannot do that. He moved at the last moment, what is this? Dangerous. This is not fair, guys. I mean he cannot do that. It?s not fair racing at all.
VL To Esteban Ocon Copy that. You?ve done a good job.
VL To Kimi Raikkonen Sorry for that Kimi. Obviously we knew you were pushing hard.
VL To Nico Hulkenberg OK Nico good effort. P8, not a bad result. Well done Nico.
VL To Lance Stroll Great job. P9. Seventeenth to ninth. Good job.
VL From Lance Stroll Yes. Finally a point! Better late than never. Thank you guys. That was a good race.
VL To Romain Grosjean Chequered flag. P10. Thanks for staying with it. Good job.
VL From Romain Grosjean Good job guys. Yep, that?s the whole race on one set of tyres. Really struggled at some places. Got better to the end. Great strategy, good job. Surprised the car is still going straight though.
VL To Romain Grosjean Understood. The wind was moving around a lot but the information was not matching what you felt?
VL From Romain Grosjean No.
VL To Jolyon Palmer That was the chequered flag, Jo, you?re P11. Good race, good pace.
VL From Jolyon Palmer [Censored by FOM] sake.
VL To Kevin Magnussen Well done guys. Congrats on the points.
VL From Kevin Magnussen Good job Kevin. It?s Guenther. Good job. You helped us get this point. Thank you.
VL To Marcus Ericsson OK Marucs that?s it. P13. Well done. I think that?s the best we could hope for straegy-wise and pace-wise. The lap time was not bad. Well done.
VL To Stoffel Vandoorne We finished 14th. Finishing order Hamilton, Bottas, Ricciardo, Vettel, Perez, Ocon, Raikkonen, Hulkenberg, Stroll and Grosjean.
VL From Stoffel Vandoorne Yeah difficult race with fuel saving and then what happened at the restart with Magnussen. Completely put me off so I lost a lot of position and pace there.

Note: Only includes messages which were broadcast in the race coverage.
Lap: Refers to lap message was broadcast on. There may be a delay between messages being said and being broadcast. PR = pre-race; FL = formation lap; VL = victory lap.
Message: Repetitive or irrelevant messages omitted. Notes in italics. Highlights in bold.

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