37 tasty ways to enjoy health benefits of juice

Posted on Mar 21, 2016

talking juice on BritMums.comHow do you and your family enjoy your juice?

At our #LittleGlass Twitter conversation we chatted about how your family enjoys juice ? a little glass with breakfast, a boost with an after-school snack, or enjoyed with dinner.

This conversation and prize draw was sponsored by Tropicana and its range of juices families love. One 150ml glass is an excellent source of vitamin C and a good source of folate ? vitamins that can help maintain a healthy immune system. A little glass of 100% juice has great health benefits and is a no-fuss way to give kids one of their 5-a-day.

Sue Gatenby, Senior Director Nutrition at Tropicana was on hand to answer any questions about juice and Tropicana.

When do you like to drink juice?

Drinking juice with crazy straws on BritMumsWe love having our Tropicana 100% juice in the morning as a family ? helps us get 1 of our 5 a day @zoeherky

I love a #LittleGlass of OJ in the morning ? sets me up for the day @CaraB81

My son has a carton of either orange or apple in his packed lunch everyday @vickyandmick

I love a little glass of Tropicana Juices mid-afternoon, a great refreshing pick-me-up and gives me the energy to get on with dinner @LinsiPie

We have juice with our evening meal, I find it good for thirst, and means no wet beds @thesoupdragon44

My fave way to enjoy juice: poured over cereal instead of milk @jhowze

Getting your 5 a day

Small glass with breakfast = easy 1/5 a day @canning87

We always drink juice with a straw to protect little teeth. Great for 5 a day though! https://t.co/fQuaL8CLaa @angep1969

Love juice in a berry smoothie. It is refreshing and stops me snacking on chocs! https://t.co/2o5oey6gK4 @EmmaCale1

Research shows that those who drink juice are more likely to reach their 5 a day #sponsored
@Tropicana #sponsored

putting juice in smoothies on BritMumsMixing up a mocktail

Personally I love a Tropicana and coconut water ?mocktail? after a run, feels good! @DGraceLloyd

On a hot day I half and half Orange with Diet Lemonade. So refreshing! @CtinaCurtis

My dad used to make this for kids? birthday parties: OJ, grenadine and lemonade @domesticgoddesq

We like to make our juices into smoothies @oceanrise1

What are your favourite flavours?

I think Ruby Grapefruit is my favourite @missielizzieb

Raspberry and cranberry is my fave! @Melski1989

I love apple juice and in summer pineapple juice, hubby like grapefruit juice @LDChesterfield

My son loves apple, I like orange and mango. Cranberry can also be very beneficial for women! @Nets_rik

Grapefruit is my favourite ? especially pink @AModernMother

Cooking with juice

Add some orange juice to my carrot and orange soup for a sweet hint. @LaurieBeat

You can swap the milk in muffins for juice. Orange juice works really well for this and makes great breakfast muffins @Over_A_Cuppa

We like to add Tropicana to our pineapple upside down cake the kids love it https://t.co/MJD58pIWFs @bella165

We used Tropicana Juices and left out the zest in this recipe https://t.co/d8hZVZfQTQ @LinsiPie

We love our juice frozen or in jelly, it also mixes well into a fruit salad, yummy. @LorraineRiver11
Using juice with Frosty machine on BritMums

Cooling down

We make fresh juice lollies in the summer months as well very refreshing and the moulds are very cheap @vickyandmick

We use juice when playing with this bad boy! https://t.co/r3mTbSdEv7 @domesticgoddesq

I enjoy my juice over ice but my little lady finds it too cold. @LyndsayRoseG

I have been known to freeze juice into ice cubes then add to water for a refreshing fruit drink @goriami

In a tall glass, crushed ice, sat next to the bbq as husband cooks and children play @robynlclarke

Keeping healthy

Love that there are so many health benefits to something that tastes so good @Lkash20

Orange juice provides folate which is important during pregnancy @tropicana

Keeping our #littleglass warm, make half a cup of tea, 1 tsp of honey, top with orange juice. Perfect when not feeling well @Over_A_Cuppa

Swear by cranberry juice when get cystitis @kateonthinice

When my babies have colds or are run down i tend to buy the Tropicana Juices with added calcium to give them a boost @AnneDalzell1

The last word on how you enjoy juice

With crazy straws of course https://t.co/XvMikDXtVs @EmmaLouiseStar

I use it in ice lollies and cakes too , but a little glass of the fresh juice is the best! @JennyPaulin

Thanks for a great party. Cheers #LittleGlass https://t.co/YRrBFFPc3h @robynlclarke

Drinking juice on BritMums

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