5 Brother Vs Brother Wrestling Matches That Ruled (And 5 That Sucked)

Posted on Feb 24, 2015



Wrestlers, particularly those of the old-school variety, are prone to calling each other ?brother?. You only have to hear a wrestler from the 80s speak for five minutes or so for this to become apparent. Despite the frequent use of the term, there are actually very few biological wrestling brothers.

At least not on the main stage, anyway. In terms of real-life WWE brothers, we?ve had the Harts, the Hardys, the Steiners, Jimmy and Jey Uso, Gold and Stardust and?well, that?s about it.  Although they may be great as a tag team, there can be mixed results when brothers wrestle against each other.

Then there are the storyline or ?keyfabe? brothers like Kane and The Undertaker and Edge and Christian (although WWE has retconned E & C as being ?good friends?). Again, whilst they may work well as a team, the chemistry when they square off with one another in singles competition hasn?t always been there.

It?s a weird phenomenon, the brother versus brother match. The expectation is that the brothers know each other inside-out and should have instant chemistry and great timing, but it doesn?t always turn out that way. There have been some classic brother versus brother matches and some absolute duds, too.

Inevitably, they don?t fight for long and usually end up teaming together not long after their conflict.

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