7 poolside-perfect polos

Posted on May 23, 2017

Sun-drenched days are just around the corner, promise, so in preperation we spoke to Josh Kelsall of Scotts Menswear to give us not 6 but 7, yep one for every day of the week, 0f the best from their polo shirt collections, which are pitched as the perfect summer wear for men, covering the whole spectrum of individual tastes and styles. Here?s seven of the best, as chosen by them;

1. The Classic

Traditional yet sporty from Fred Perry ? perfect for those looking to rock a cool and subtle urban attitude.

2. The Lover

Simple and understated from Lacoste? for the smooth charmers who know that true style never shouts.

3. The Posh One

Elegant and 100% British from Hackett ? the one to wear if the occasion calls for some home-bred UK chic

4. The Style Guru

Eye-catching and bold from Fila ? for those who don?t like to do fashion in half-measures

5. The Chiller

Relaxed and understated from Fred Perry ? the perfect look for the calm, calculated shirt-fashionista.

6. The Exclusive

High-quality, classic with a modern twist from Pretty Green ? when a statement absolutely, definitely needs to be made.

7. The Flash

Striking and unabashed from Boss Hugo Boss ? for those who don?t hide away, but like to take summer by the horns.

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