7 Predictions For UFC 190 Featuring Ronda Rousey

Posted on Jul 31, 2015

Think anyone has a chance at stopping Rousey at this point? Think again!

Jae C. Hong/APJae C. Hong/AP

Ronda Rousey returns Saturday night at UFC 190 in the main event, facing Brazilian challenger Bethe Correia in a grudge match that could get downright ugly. If you don?t know who Correia is, that?s fair ? her accolades in the cage haven?t been the most impressive. However, she did beat two of Rousey?s Four Horsewomen to earn a shot at the champion, and Rousey is out looking for revenge. On top of that, Correia made the mistake about cracking wise about Rousey?s father ? claiming later that she had no idea Rousey?s dad had committed suicide.

These transgressions have caused Rousey to state that unlike most of her fights, this one won?t end soon: she intended to punish Correia.

Elsewhere on the card, the legendary Nogueira brothers fight for what could be the last time, in a rare double bill: Little Nog takes on the equally legendary Shogun Rua, while twin brother Big Nog takes on the tallest fighter in the UFC, Stefan ?Skyscraper? Struve. Add in a heavyweight bout between Antonio ?Bigfoot? Silva and Soa ?The Hulk? Palelei and you?ve got a recipe for an exciting card. Can it live up to UFC 189, a.k.a. the McGregor Show?

Well, if anything has a chance, it?s the Rousey Show. Here are 7 predictions for the event?

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