9 Insane Real-Life Randy Savage Stories

Posted on Aug 29, 2015

?Macho Madness? was a very real thing.

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They don?t make ?em like Macho Man Randy Savage anymore. Unbelievably intense and committed 100% to his character, few in wrestling were as believable as he was. Whether the Macho Man was giving an interview, participating in a backstage segment or wrestling a match, you believed that the man doing it really was like that.

It?s often said that the best, most effective wrestling gimmicks/characters are just the individual?s personalities turned up to eleven. That certainly was the case with Randy, whose personality reflected the Macho Man character in many different ways. It provided fans with countless entertainment but, in reality, it could often cause very real problems.

Highly-strung at the best of times, Savage?s emotions could often get the better of him, leading to him losing his cool and acting in very bizarre ways. He was a character, that?s for sure, but he could be scary and intimidating. Many wrestlers have had run-ins with the Macho Man in the past.

Savage never gave a full-on shoot interview or wrote a book, so there?s a lot we?ll never really know about his life, especially his reclusive later years. But, thanks to the shoots and books of others, we have been offered a glimpse into the bizarre, real-life world of Randy Savage.

You thought his character was a maniac? Just wait until you read about his real world exploits.

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