A Different approach to dressing ? SØRENSEN

Posted on May 19, 2016

imageWe are currently seeing seismic chances in the stylish world of Fashion, no surprise there, some might say, that is the nature of the beast, trends come in and out of ?Fashion?. However, these elements have nothing to do with cut of your jeans, the the number of buttons on your tailoring or particular shades of colours. These are much more complexed, not only are we seeing changes to the Fashion week schedules (more about that at a later date), we are seeing brands having to embrace, if not begrudgingly, sustainability and ethical consumerism (lots more about that later). Plus a movement we are seeing far more of is gender neutral ranges everyone from Zara to Valentino are jumping on this stylish train, with some achieving success more than others. One such new brand who are doing this really rather well is SØRENSEN.

imageTheir unique stance is based on a simple observation that most men, and a lot of women, too, are turned off by trends and the hype that surrounds them but want to ensure they look, and feel, their best. Created by Wayne Sørensen, formerly design director of Orlebar Brown, who was reluctant to offer yet another fashion collection. It was the work ethic of, an initial, six core archetypes (with more to follow) to offer an updated approach to style based around these six characters that then inspired the framework for a quieter more discrete approach to dressing.

imageThese Archetypes are Driver, Engineer, Painter, Dancer, Officer and Butcher, the collection fuses manufacturing and styling references researched on historic workwear garments with personal items from Sørensen?s own archive, as well as key collaborative input from professionals currently working in each of the industries paid tribute to. Every piece has been designed to work with and into an existing wardrobe ? connecting the owner to an uncomplicated way to dress.


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