Adoption and Fostering Round up

Posted on Jun 11, 2015

adoptionWelcome to the Adoption and Fostering round up. We are always happy to share some of the best posts we read each month from #WASO and beyond. So let?s get started.

My first post is from Travels with my Son who shares a familiar story of well worn school wear. I know that I too would not be picking this possible battle with my own son, let the skinny jeans walk I say.

My next selected post comes from a lady whose life I like to keep up with. This particular post is from her son, his first blog post on his own post. So enjoy the great sense of achievement that Buzzbee, feels when he tries something new in A little bee?s relief.

For a couple of weeks in May we were gripped by election, fever. Well maybe not gripped and maybe you didn?t experience a fever but it was interesting to read one bloggers views on the election result. Sally Donovan offers us Election reflections of a floating voter.

This next post had me very reflective and thoughtful on education and the best possible environment for education children in care and adopted children. Thank you @BigKid255 for helping me to seeing it from Both Sides.

This blog continues to blow my mind with its painful truth, this blog post about Meeting Birth Mum, was no exception.

And the harsh reality of being a child living within the care system continues with this heartbreaking post about a Missing 15 year old.

?But, truthfully, we were broken long before our sons came home. Their pain exposed us for who we truly were and begged us to do the hard work of getting better.? One mum tells her feelings about adopting children into her family in Better Together.

In this post Suddenly Mummy has been helping inform prospective foster carers understand the skills required to do the job. It?s a great insight into the important job foster carers do.

And as the post above discusses, contact whilst a child is in foster care can be very difficult for all involved, as Blue Sky Fostering explains.

This next post, bursting at the seams, details the very busy and packed lives of a fostering family.

Next a blogger, I?ve not seen for a while but am glad to read again, has a nerve racking experience when she?s pulled over by the police.

And finally a blog that?s fairly new to me and that I am getting a lot of pleasure in reading, mostly because it reminds me of our early days of adoption. Her Building a Family Together asks Is it Mine?

So that?s my lot for now, hope it provides you all with a good read.

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Sarah is the adoptive mum of two boys behind The Puffin Diaries. Her blog is full of the highs and lows of her family life, writing about adoption, living with depression her love of cooking and all things creative plus lots of photography. Sarah is also co-founder of The Adoption Social, a site which promotes and supports the adoption on-line community.

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