Arts and Culture Round-up: Winter warmers

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

Arts and culture 610It?s Christmas!

Ok, it?s only November. But I?ve already spotted two houses on our street with their decorations on display. And at the Pigeon Pair and Me we?ve been getting excited about Christmas family theatre for at least a month. If you?re looking for inspiration in the London area, why not check out our nine top family shows for the festive season.

There are plenty of other artsy ideas out there in the blogosphere, to warm your Winter cockles. Parentshaped has posted a useful list of the who, what, why and where of family arts event in Nottingham. Heading north, Edinburgh with Kids describes some of the family activities on offer at the National Museum of Scotland; and, in Wales, An Organised Mess has posted about the interactive matinees held by the National Dance Company. Whoever said arts and culture couldn?t keep you fit? The Play & Learn Everyday family would certainly disagree, after going on a bear hunt in Discover Children?s Story Centre?s new interactive Michael Rosen exhibition.

Also a warming experience ? but this time warming the heart, not the muscles ? is the fine art in some bloggers? creative posts. Fable and Folk visited the Metropolitan Musuem of Art, and the beauty of the New York museum?s artwork shines out in this piece. Little Birdie?s post on Yorkshire Sculpture Park shows the gardens in all their Autumnal glory, as well as profiling the Robert Ryan, and Poppies: Wave installations. Yorkshire Tots also visited the Poppies at the Sculpture Park. Both posts capture the majesty of the display, which looks like a good opportunity to re-experience some of the ceramic poppies displayed at the Tower of London last year.

Still on the subject of art ? and showing us all how to get out into the fresh air during the colder months ? Mari?s World drew inspiration from some of London?s finest street art, when she took a Touriocity tour. Happy Homebird took in some outdoor culture too, when she visited the tidal mill and mud flats of Carew, Pembrokeshire. And ? ahem ? Robert at Family Travel Times learnt more about history in the open air, when he visited the ancient temple of Knossos. Ok, the weather probably wasn?t quite so bracing on Crete as it is here, but it still counts as the healthy outdoors?.

Now to bloggers who reviewed some shows that could provide refuge if the weather does become unbearable. Babes About Town had an afternoon tea date with her son Jed before catching Matilda the Musical. 38 to 39 went to see Kneehigh Theatre?s production of Rebecca at the Theatre Royal, Brighton, and The World According to Izzie went to the (very adult in content) Priscilla Queen of the Desert, a musical starring Jason Donovan (both of these performances are now on tour until the end of the year). Style Me Sunday took her mother on a fabulous evening out in the West End, to see Kinky Boots the musical.

Finally: for a bit of Christmas pizzazz, why not check out this post by Mums Do Travel, where she describes the incredible feats of the human towers in Girona, a tradition passed down through the generations. And ? in case you ever wondered just how they do make films so magical, both Chelsea Mamma and Charlie Moos had a sneaky glimpse of some trade secrets at the Hollywood Special Effects Show.

That?s it for now folks, until next month. What have you been doing in the run-up to Christmas?

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