Blog Giveaways Round-Up: Is it your lucky day?

Posted on Jan 24, 2015

GiveawaysThis month we are all preparing for the madness that the Danceathon from TeamHonk will bring. If you haven?t signed up yet, why on earth not? Get your dancing shoes on. With this in mind, I am picking a few blog giveaways from this month that might help you out either with a bit of pampering before the big day, or perhaps giving you a little bit of a chance to get some training in while the wee kiddies are entertained!

First of all there is a giveaway on KiddyCharts (29/01), but this one also has the added wee twist that you get to give 50p to The Kids Company for every entry, and all you need to do is share a picture of your kids at play with the #KiddyPlay hashtag and you can win scooters from Microscooters for the whole family. A scooter would help you train for the Danceathon now, wouldn?t it?

Over on Ghost Writer Mummy (05/02), you could get the baby bouncing at the same time as you?re training, with a lovely giveaway for a 2-in-1 Fisher-Price Sensory Stages bouncer.

Now, did you know that you could eat chocolate as part of a balanced diet ? nope ? well over on Honest Mum (07/02), the lovely Vicki is giving away a sports performance chocolate gift pack. You may have thought that chocolate and performance weren?t words that would go hand in hand, but do check out the post and the giveaway; you may well be surprised!

Once you have done a bit of training, perhaps you will need to relax; well the latest craze seems to be in adult colouring, so why not join the kids with the In the Playroom (09/02) giveaway for some amazing adult colouring books? That should chill you out after some hard boogie-ing, right?

If you are looking for something to entertain the kids while you get down and get dirty dancing, then why not nip over to Bizzimummy?s World (05/02), where they are giving away an awesome DvD bundle for the kids. Perhaps you can pop it on while you tackle the rowing machine? *not advocating use of the TV as a babysitter, obvs*

We all need a bit of comfort when we are exercising in the house ? it can?t be too hot, or too cold. Red Ted Art can help you out here by helping you to take control of your heating with Home with Hive. A lovely bit of kit for free that normally costs c. £199.

What the Readhead said (06/02) has been exploring the gifts available at Ivy Cabin and is offering an item up to £30 in value for you to get from their site; and I am afraid that the Lego Crayons that she reviewed would have to be top of my list. They will entertain, but also, they look mighty fine too. May not actually be able to bring yourself to give them to the little ones to play with? *Lego envy*

Glitterbelle looks great to keep kids happy too, and Given to Distracting Others (21/02) is giving away the whole range on her blog, so yet more to entertain while you get fit!

Finally, if you deserve a treat for all the hard work that you have put in, enter The Purple Pumpkin Blog (02/02) Travelodge stay giveaway. You definitely need time to relax after all that hard work. How about you also then pop over to My Mills Baby (20/02) to try and win a Kindle Touch, so you have some reading material while you are away as well?I would say that would make for a perfect relaxing time out and about.

Good luck with the shimmying, and see you all next month.

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Helen is the editor of the working parents round up, a freelance writer and owner of personalised children’s chart business, KiddyCharts. She was a business analyst, and then a tweed-skirted school librarian as she tried to find work that fitted in with the demands of motherhood. Mummy’s Little Stars is where you will find her sometimes funny musings about life as a working parent, and mum to some over exuberant small people. She has only been blogging since January 2012, so go gentle with her; she might break. You can find Helen on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn; where she probably hangs out a bit too much.

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