Boys in the Hood-ies ? Quemondo

Posted on Apr 13, 2015

imageOnce considered just sportswear, hooded tops can now be found in the chicest of wardrobes and the most cutting-edge of retailers ? the ?hoodie? as it?s more crudely known is more ubiquitous than ever, reinforcing and re-defining the return of street culture as a fashion influencer in off-duty style.image

You can now embrace your inner hoodie with Quemondo, who have appropriated sportswear fabrics and silhouettes to create a new collection which channels the sartorial spirit of the street, while remaining true to a Swedish fashion heritage.

Quemondo like to compare their approach to the humble hooded tops to what Mercedes is to cars or what Apple is to MP3s.

Quality, comfort and detail is at the core of their signature, incorporating the key elements of Scandinavian design, focusing on versatility, fit and fabric, to offer a range of fashion, sports and casual hoodies which combine functionality with modern clean lines, and a stylish urban aesthetic.

Selling exclusively online, the brand has directly engaged with the fashion revolution in digital e-commerce, operating without any intermediary or middle retailer, which results in reducing operating costs and offering savings to the customer, that?s you.


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