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Posted on Jun 6, 2016

Sonia Constant

Sonia Constant

Sonia Constant blogs at, mainly about family fun. She and her two children get out and about as much as they can, playing, laughing and crying. Sonia wants to inspire other families to get out and do, whether that be forest exploring, sandcastle building or good cake baking. Here she talks about attending BritMums Live last year for the first time?

?Last June, I had those butterflies in my tummy when leaving the house. It was a mixed bag of nerves and excitement all rolled into one. I am a very sociable being but the thought of being amongst other bloggers (that I love) and an entire ballroom sized room full of them ? it did make me feel intimidated. It was my first time and I was on my way to Britmums Live.

I remember the weeks leading up to Britmums Live, I messaged and emailed a few bloggers that I talk to a lot on social media. We agreed to meet up and say hello, one of them being Lucy from Capture by Lucy. When she said she would love to meet up, I remember thinking, ?Yeah, right?. Why would Lucy want to meet up with little ol? me? But I wanted to make sure I had something to talk about and someone to talk to, even if it didn?t end up happening.

There were a few things that surprised me at Britmums Live: In a nutshell they were that the people were super friendly (both brands and bloggers), the butterflies didn?t last long and everyone else feels exactly the same as you do.

Super friendly people

When I got to BritMums Live and met up with Lucy, she was so kind and sweet. The meeting totally lived up to expectations. I was in complete awe: Someone who I had been stalking on social media for the past few months was now right in front of me and we were talking normally! We talked, we laughed, I helped her with some bits for one of her talks ? it was like we had known each other for years. What had I been worried about? The brands were all lovely too, the stalls were full of happy people and the ladies in the craft room helpful and outgoing. My cheeks hurt by the end of the weekend I had been smiling so much.

Butterflies in my tummy

This feeling soon went. When I first walked in, it was a case of spotting some people I knew and recognised. A few of my favourite bloggers were nearby and I said hello. Soon we were all chatting and giggling and suddenly, before I realised, I was checked in: mingling, laughing, networking! It?s definitely not as scary as you think it will be. 

Everyone in the same boat

I think it helps that everyone is in a similar place as you, feeling nervous.

I remember being introduced to some bloggers and thinking ?WOW?, because I?d just said hello to someone whom I stalk online. But that also happened back to me. I had quite a few people say, ?Oh you?re Sonia, Mummy Constant,? ? I remember thinking, Are they feeling OK? But it works the same way. People who watch my videos and read my posts recognised me. You see bloggers you love, but other bloggers see you as well!

Some quick advice

I printed my blog logo onto business cards and had them in my lanyard all weekend. Quite a lot of the bloggers and some brands, recognised my blog logo before my face. It helped with introducing myself and starting off conversations!

I would definitely go to BritMums Live again. I was bouncing with excitement coming home from last year?s event and this year it will be better as I know what to expect and how I will feel. I was so inspired last year I wanted to up my game and I have ambitions of one day speaking at BritMums Live.?

Catch up with Sonia Mummy Constant at her website and by searching MummyConstant on social media. To reserve your place at this year?s BritMums Live, grab one of the last few tickets available!

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