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Posted on Mar 14, 2015

Today is all about getting painting. My kids love to paint and we regularly get the watercolours out and they just have a go.. but every so often it is fun to do something different.. possibly a little messier? or quirkier? And today is all about bubble wrap painting and printing.. to be honest, bubble wrap printing does not REALLY have to messy, I just find that generally we end up working ?on a bigger scale? to make the most of the gorgeous print that bubble wrap printing creates. Today?s session is also part of a month long celebration of PAINTING ? hosted by the lovely Messy Little Monsters.. do hop over and find out  more and check out all the great painting sessions to date, plus watch out for more fantastic projects to come!

Bubble Wrap Printing Ideas for art
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Bubble Wrap Painting ? Process

We find that you get the best results, if you drop some blobs of paint onto your bubble wrap and then using a paint brush distribute it evenly? Then you can usually make 2  prints this way. (Rather than pressing the bubble wrap into a plate of paint, which usually results in too much paint and messy prints!)

Bubble Wrap ? Small Pieces

bubble wrap art

We simply love the process of bubble wrap painting.. it is just so fun to watch the magic of the print emerge.. that the kids are happy to just print print print.. all day. There are lost of different ways to print with bubble wrap ? you can cut out small pieces and print with just those. This is perfect if you want incorporate your bubble wrap printing in a piece of art ? such as our Four Season?s pictures. We used the bubble wrap print to emphasis different features of the four seasons. A really fun way to make the most of this unique print! (Do check out Summer, Autumn and Winter too!)

Bubble Wrap Printing ? Sheets

Bubble wrap printing ideas - spring sheep

You can use bigger sheets of bubble wrap to cover a whole page (more on that below!), but this image shows nicely our technique of spreading the paint evenlyISH with a paint brush.

Bubble Wrap Printing ROLLERS!

Bubble Wrap Printing Ideas

Or.. which is really fun, you can stick some bubble wrap to an cardboard tube (e.g. a kitchen paper towel tube or TP Rolls for ?thinner prints) and make endless prints.. this is REALLY good for making wrapping paper ? a great way to get arty and have fun..but also create something useful (I do like useful things!!).

Bubble Wrap Printing Ideas for art

With the roller printing ? we just keep changing the colours and go over the previous one. We had some wonderful spring like shiney pastels to use and it worked really well. Blue over pink.

Bubble Wrap Printing Ideas - DIY Gift Wrap

Green over blue.

Do experiment ? but be careful.. ?strong colours? ? such as bold yellows, reds and blue, may end up a smushy brown!!!

Spring Sheep Craft ? Make a Puffy Sheep Mobile

Bubble wrap printing ideas - spring sheep

Also think about the reverse effect  ? using a dark pieces of paper ? such as brown packaging paper or black sugar paper ? and white or light colours.. a fun way to create a contrast too. We used the bubble wrap sheet printing technique to do this.. and then turned our white bubble wrap print into super easy ?stuff sheep? mobiles.

To make your Spring Sheep Mobile

Cute Spring Sheep Craft Mobile for Preschoolers

You will need:

  • Brown paper
  • White paint
  • Bubble wrap
  • Paint brush
  • Scissors
  • Black paper
  • Stapler
  • Wool/ string for hanging
  • Something to stuff with (e.g. plastic bags or more bubble wrap or packing peanuts)

Cute Sheep Craft Mobile for Spring

Once you have finished your printing and it is all dry, lay two pieces of paper together ? with the printing facing OUTWARDS on both. Draw a cloud shape (or if easier an oval) and cut out.

Then cut out a black semi circle for the head and two thin rectangles for the  leg. Position these between your two pieces of paper. Then start stapling? staple your head and legs in place ? as well as your wool for hanging (it helps if you tie a small knot in your wool, to stop it slipping out from the staple).

Puffy Sheep Mobile for Toddlers

Leave a small opening at the back and stuff? once fully stuff, use your stapler to close your sheep all up. You are done! So cute!

painting technique list

Check out all these other FABULOUS painting techniques!

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