Cactus Crafts ? Hama Bead Jewellry

Posted on Jul 4, 2015

It is that time of year?.. the weather is hotting up and we are thinking about Summer themed crafts. There are so many things that say SUMMER to us ? from boats, to shells, to flying kites and sunflowers?. and one such thing is our prickly friend the cactus. I personally have a ?bit of a thing about? Cacti. I don?t know what it is, but I find Cacti irristible. So I thought it would  be fun to see if we could come up with a Hama Bead Cactus Pattern.. and then turn our Hama Bead Cactus into a necklace or keychain. So here is our effort.. what do you think?

Summer Jewelry for kids - make some Cactus Perler Bead Patterns. Too cute.Cactus Crafts ? Hama Bead Necklace

For your Cactus Hama Bead Necklace, you will need:

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  • Hama Beads in assorted colours (get yours here ? UK Readers, US Readers)
  • A hexagonal pegboard or square pegboard depending on which pattern you want to make (get yours here ? UK Readers, US Readers)
  • Grease proof paper
  • And iron & ironing board
  • A little wire or an eyelette
  • A necklace or leather strap for hanging
  • A sharp tool

Here are you Hama Bead Cactus Patterns ?
Cactus Crafts - Perler Bead Pattern

I later decided that I preferred ?black prickles? and also added some additional flowers as I thought they would look nice ? a bit like a charm bracelet

Succulent and Cactus Crafts - Melty Bead Jewellry

How to use Perler Beads - cute cactus pattern to copy

Once you are ready, put on a heat proof surface such as an ironing board.

Cactus Crafts - Perler Bead Keychains - how to iron

Then using grease proof paper iron our Cactus Pattern on BOTH SIDE ? this will prevent it from falling apart.

Hama Bead Cactus Pattern

Once ironed and whilst still hot, make some holes for hanging with a sharp tool ? be careful not to hurt youself!

Summer Jewelry for kids - make some Cactus Perler Bead Patterns - too cute.

Finally, I got a bit of wire and made a little hopp that went through the cactus and hung it on a simple necklace. These would look cute as key chains too!

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