Can you pass the 11+ Grammar School entry test?

Posted on Aug 25, 2016

Grammar school 11+ exam paper

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After recent news that the Prime Minister Theresa May is planning on lifting the Grammar School ban that Tony Blair introduced in 1998 and wishes to reintroduce selective schools in the UK by the end of the year, a professional services marketplace has asked the question: Could you get into grammar school?

Grammar schools were banned in 1998 by the then Labour leader and Prime Minister Tony Blair in a bid to moderate education levels and stop social bias. There are now only 232 Grammar schools in the UK out of roughly 3,000 secondary schools. Supporters of the grammar system say it rewards talent and potential from any pupil regardless of background or income and promotes quality education. 

Professional services marketplace has created a grammar school entry exam based on previous tests that 11-years-olds have had to take to get into various grammar schools across the country. To take the test click here. currently has hundreds of tutors registered as service providers on its platform and is anticipating a large increase in demand for their services if Grammar schools are reintroduced. Bidvine is an online platform that connects people looking for projects to be done with professionals who have the skills, qualifications and availability to provide the required services.

Sohrab Jahanbani, CEO of, said

?It?s very interesting that Theresa May is planning on bringing back Grammar schools. You can see both sides to the argument, where Labour and Liberal Democrats are concerned it will create more of a social divide, but then the Conservatives argue that children who are talented should get that opportunity.

?If Grammar schools are reintroduced we?re anticipating a huge surge in the amount of parents hiring private tutors for their children to prepare them for the entry exam. We?ve created a short test based on previous Grammar school entry exams to see how you would fare if you were taking one!?

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