Captain America: Civil War ? 10 Biggest Things We Still Don?t Know

Posted on Mar 17, 2016

Someone?s going to die, but who?


There may still be a little while to go until Captain America: Civil War hits cinemas, but after the recent release of the final trailer it looks like we won?t know much more until the movie starts screening for press in a few weeks time, meaning the speculation is only going to get more rampant.

Civil War is by far the most ambitious MCU movie since the original Avengers, with more moving parts than ever before, and so the movie?s marketing has naturally thrown up a ton of tantalising questions. From the roles of various supporting characters to the ultimate outcome of the battle itself, we have to consider the sneaky tricks that Marvel Studios have hidden up their sleeves, and how little about the film we really know for certain. Could we be in for another twist on the level of the Mandarin switcharoo, for instance? Or will Civil War be a satisfying yet largely predictable outing?

While Age Of Ultron rode in on a tidal wave of hype and ended up being merely good and none-too-surprising, hopefully the Russo Brothers will serve up satisfying, occasionally shocking answers to these crucial questions.

10. How Much Of Spider-Man Will We See?

Marvel StudiosMarvel Studios

We finally got our first glimpse at Tom Holland?s Spider-Man in the recent final trailer, but it still doesn?t really answer the burning question about the character: how significant is Spidey?s role in the film? Considering that he was a vital part of the comic, many are hoping for the web-slinger to get a meaty role ahead of next year?s solo reboot movie.

The Likely Answer: Expect an extended cameo and nothing more, and then be pleasantly surprised if Marvel Studios have deliberately held back on showing him off in action sequences. It?d be a shock if he was in the film for more than about 10 minutes, especially with everything else it has to juggle: it?ll likely lay the groundwork and then send Spidey on his merry way ahead of him becoming a proper Avenger in Infinity War.

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