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Posted on Mar 3, 2015

Vetiver is a plant with multiple roots anchored deep in the ground. They absorb and restitute many aromatic agents that make it a treasure for the perfume industry. It develops a note that is warm and woody but also green, of very distinctive character. Vetiver is essentially native to India, Indonesia and Reunion Island. Its roots are distilled to extract a precious essential oil.

Like the House?s resurrected Clothing collections under the strict and visionary direction of Guillaume Henry, for a new audience, but with the same passion for olfactive heritage Carven fragrances this year has given VÉTIVER a new look and energy, without touching the original formula in any way.

It opens on a vibrant aromatic citrus note, brimming with Grapefruit, Bergamot and Lemongrass. Its heart is full with Lavender, Orange Blossom and Geranium that picks up the pace with base notes of sensuous Nutmeg softened by Benzoin, Sandalwood and Cedar with, underlying it all, the glory of Vetiver.

Madame Carven, once said,?Everything I love is green?, and as homage to this statement Guillaume Henry, Creative Director, responded with covering the scent?s bottle in a intense, magnetic neon green lacquer.

However, Vetiver isn?t the only male scent the French Fashion house have produced catering for the needs of their male consumer. Who they see as a man who loves fashion, but who never take himself too seriously; young men with a slightly off-beat spirit, cultivated and urban, seemingly classic but charmingly bad boy at heart.

And so Carven fragrances have created a buzz again with the launch of their new scent: CARVEN POUR HOMME.

The Perfumer, Francis Kurkdjian, defined this fragrance as, ?A fragrance that embodies Paris chic as revisited by Guillaume Henry for Carven?.

If Paris chic could be summed up in a scent, it would be that of CARVEN POUR HOMME, a racy and elegant essence, a devil may care attitude. A fragrance with woody, spicy, aromatic notes in the Carven tradition of men?s fragrances, yet with a burst of modernity.

As a counterpart for its older more sophisticated brother, CARVEN POUR HOMME is dressed in a glass bottle dressed in black lacquer as shiny as a pair of patent leather shoes

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