Christmas Cootie Catchers (aka Fortune Tellers)

Posted on Dec 19, 2015

Oh man.. here is a bit of SUPER DUPER CUTE FUn for you JUST in the run up to Christmas!! Check out these ADORABLE Christmas Cootie Catchers (aka Fortune Tellers), by the amazing EASY PEASY AND FUN. Yes, she has done it again, created some fabulous Christmas Printables for you to download and enjoy FOR FREE.

As with a number of my printables.. you can get TWO SETS here, and the other two over on Easy Peasy and Fun! We do like to share!

Christmas Printables - Fortune Teller Cootie Catchers (1)

Sooo if you after the darling ELF & PRESENT COOKIE CATCHER:

Christmas Printables - Fortune Teller Cootie Catchers (2)

?> Click HERE TO GET your Elf & Present Fortune Teller <?-

How to assemble a Cootie Catcher

Or check out these step by step images

how to make a fortune teller

And if you after SANTA & RUDOLPH Cootie Catchers:

Santa & Rudolph Printable - Fortune Teller

?> VISIT & GET your Santa & Rudolph Fortune Teller  HERE <?-

Aren?t they all simply ADORABLE! I am sure the kids will love love love to make them and play with them all, this Christmas. Now go and have lots of fun!!

If you are looking for more Christmas Printables, take a look at these:

Oh Christmas Tree:

Christmas Tree Colouring Page for Grown Ups (free) (1)

Check out these beautiful 3D Christmas Trees for Printing:

3D Coloring Pages for Grown ups - christmas trees

We also have this adorable 3D Angel Printable ? my kids go nuts over this one!:

Paper Angel Printable for Kids

And some Santa Coloring Pages/ Greeting Card Printables:

Christmas Colouring Pages with Santa

Finally, take a peak at these wonderful colouring pages for grown ups all in one place!

Free Coloring Pages for Adults - check out this fantastic set of Colouring Pages for Grown Ups. So many different themes and ideas to choose from. The lion is simply AWESOME!

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