Chyna Responds To Roddy Piper Funeral Reports

Posted on Aug 15, 2015

Former WWE IC & Women?s Champ defends herself.


Former WWE diva Chyna has spoken up against claims that she was nearly taken down by security during Roddy Piper?s funeral on Tuesday in Portland.

Sean Waltman, who used to wrestle in WWE regularly as X-Pac, noted that Chyna went up to Triple H to say sorry for the things she said to him and claimed that security was there to take her down. That?s the story that we ran on Thursday. Waltman was very open about what he perceived to take place there, but just like any situation like this, there is another side to the story.

Chyna posted a Youtube video talking about what she was accused of doing and she denied that any altercation took place. Here?s part of what she said followed by her video:

?I whispered in his ear how deeply sorry that I am for anything that I said under emotional distress. With everything I?ve gone through, I know it?s understandable, but I realize it?s not justifiable. I wanted to tell him that, for me. There was no altercation, there was no security. It was a tender moment between two people who once cared about each other and (are) grieving over a lost friend.?

In addition to Chyna?s video, we were sent the following message from Bill Townsend, who attended the funeral with Chyna and others.

Per your article about Chyna nearly being taken down by security at Roddy Piper?s funeral services this past Tuesday, Chyna was an invited guest to Rowdy Roddy Piper?s funeral service. I know because she, her attorney (who is also Roddy?s attorney) her manager and I flew to Portland together and shared a car to and from what was a heartwarming service and celebration of Roddy?s life.

During the entire time there I did not witness any member of security getting near Chyna or acting in any manner as to suggest she was ?nearly taken down by security.? We walked the memorial line together, sat together and there was no indication of animosity on her part toward Paul Levesque, aka Triple H.

Chyna is an amazing wrestling talent, one who has gone through difficult challenges in life and who now has her life back together and focused on the future, not the past.

Bill Townsend

President  & CEO

Classic Wrestling Revolution

From their perspective, nothing happened and it sounds like that is the case because there haven?t been other stories about what may or may not have happened there.

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