Clarkson campaigners make tracks to the BBC

Posted on Mar 24, 2015

The saga of Jeremy Clarkson seems to have been rumbling on for months and now it has rumbled onto the forecourt of the BBC as a tank, carrying a petition and a low-budget Stig impersonator arrived at New Broadcasting House demanding Clarkson and Top Gear are reinstated. The publicity stunt was organised by the Guido Fawkes blog and certainly caused a stir.

The petition has been signed nearly one million times, though it’s hard to imagine anybody at the BBC will see the petition and be shocked to hear Clarkson and Top Gear are popular. They will have seen the viewing figures. They will have known how many countries the programme was sold to. But they will also be aware Clarkson was suspended for his alleged involvement in a “fracas”, following a “final warning” from the BBC in 2014 about his behaviour. His popularity and that of the show don’t appear to be in dispute.

Meanwhile Clarkson has suggested he’s expecting to be sacked and called the BBC “fucking bastards” for good measure.

Now can we all move on?

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