Cleansing, an alien concept ? Clinique for Men NEW Charcoal Face Wash and Sonic System Deep Cleansing Brush

Posted on Jul 3, 2015

imageThe idea of a regular grooming routine for some men is a complete alien concept, for others moisturising, maybe once a week or fortnight is enough of a routine. So the notion of adding cleansing is one major step to far.

Well gentlemen, let me introduce you to the wonderous benefits of cleansing and those geni over at Clinique for Men have only blooming well gone and done it again !

The first step to maintaining healthy and clear skin is cleansing. Fueled by the purifying powers of bamboo charcoal, NEW Clinique for Men Charcoal Face Wash removes dirt, debris and surface oil for tired, stressed and congested skin with these effective ingredients below:
? Charcoal: derived from bamboo, this is infused with detoxifying properties to deeply cleanse without harshly drying or irritating skin
? Glycerin: attracts water to the skin to restore suppleness while also forming a barrier against future moisture loss to refuel and revitalise skin
? Caffeine: an anti-irritant that helps to nourish and soothe skin irritation from razor burns and nicks.

But for an even deeper yet still comfortable clean, pair the Charcoal Face Wash with Clinique?s new and ingenious Sonic System Deep Cleansing Brush; its specially designed to deliver even better cleansing results than hand washing and for a closer, comfortable and less irritating shave.

So follow these instructions to get the more out of these new partners in preventing Grooming crimes;

? Apply a coin-sized amount of Clinique for Men Charcoal Face Wash to dampened brush head and press start.
? Gently cleanse the cheeks with soft, lighter grey bristles and tilt the brush head to use the darker charcoal bristles in an up and down motion to clean the oilier t-zone.
? There is no need to apply pressure; let the brush gently glide over skin like gliding a computer mouse over a mouse pad.
? Use once daily for 30 seconds at night and work up to twice a day.
? Follow with the appropriate Clinique for Men Exfoliating Tonic and any Clinique for Men moisturiser along with additional recommended Clinique treatment products depending on skin type or skin concern.


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