Conkers Crafts (aka Buckeye Crafts or Horse Chestnuts!)

Posted on Aug 29, 2015

Oooh this post has been a LONG TIME in the making ? 5 years to be exact. Today is all about CONKERS (also known as Buckeye or Chestnuts and for me the German Kastanien). Crafting with Chestnuts/ Conkers (I am going to be so undecided as to which term to use throughout, so bear with me please!!!) is is one of my most precious childhood memories. I have a handful of memories mainly around Autumn Crafts and Christmas Crafts ? out of which my love for crafting AND crafting with MY KIDS is born. It is those memories that I am trying to pass on to and re-create with my kids. There is something irresistible about Autumn nature finds ? the smooth textures of acorns and chestnuts/ conkers in strong contrast to the tactile prickliness of pine cones and acorn ?hats?. The colours and shapes of leaves to play with an recreate.  Wonderful. So? today is all about the humble Horse Chestnut (not the edible kind) ? in North America they are often referred to as Buckeyes, here in the UK as Conkers. And here are 15 lovely conker craft ideas for Fall.

This is one of my most precious childhood memories - crafting with conkers (also known as horse chestnuts or buckeye crafts) - I love the smooth texture and the fun chestnut crafts you can make. Here re 15 lovely ideas for Fall

Conker Crafts for Kids and Grown Ups! Perfect Autumn Crafts for All

Kastanien Conker Crafts

Kastanien Chestnut Crafts

Conker & Plasticine Animals ? combine plasticine with conkers, makes it really easy for younger children to work with this wonderful nature material. It creates an explosion of colour and is lots of fun.

chestnuts crafts

God?s Eyes are a popular Summer craft, but they also look beautiful as Chestnut and Stick Weaving Craft for Autumn.

Kastanien Basteln 6Kastanien BastelnKastanien Basteln

These are probably one of our favourite little Conker Crafts ? Cute Pencil Toppers ? I love things you make that you can ?use? and keep!

DSC_0298Conkers or Buckeyes make great Puppet Feet! As they are easy (ish) to make holes into and have a great little weight to them.

Kastanien flugball

These Simple Conker Stream Toys are so easy and super fun to make! And look WONDERFUL flying through the air!

Playing Conkers (A Traditional British Game using Horse Chestnuts)

Learn the British traditional game of Conkers ? a childhood classic, soon to be forgotten if the new generation don?t learn How to Play ?Conkers? soon!

Kastanien Bastelideen

Conkers Horse Craft ? love the acorn ?hat? muzzle

Autumn Crafts with Nature

These little Buckeyes are turned into CUTE Spiders ? perfect for Halloween

Autumn Craft Ideas

Horse Chestnut Crafts ? SNAKES ? super tactile and great threading activity! Again, one of my more ?favourite? Buckeye Crafts, especially with younger children (grown ups need to make the holes of course)

Bat Craft AutmnConkers Crafts ? Bat Pencil Topper

conker crafts - owls for autumn - so so sweet

Adorable conker craft ? sweet sweet owls! Totally adorable!

Basteln mit Kastanien: Freddi Fuchs |

Basteln mit Kastanien: Freddi Fuchs |

More Buckeye Crafts Cuteness!!! Adorable Conker Foxes. Great idea to add some felt and ribbons to your conkers. So sweet!

conker crafts - snowflakes

These are actually from an Etsy Shop ? Buckeye Snowflake Ornaments ? I will have to investigate and see if I can make some!

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