Coolest stores in London

Posted on Aug 28, 2016


London is classed as one of the Fashion Capitals of the world. One of the best things for me about living in this capital city is the stores (although I would argue my bank account begs to differ). Having such an esteemed title means that London has some of the best stores in the world, so whether you live in London or planning a visit here are the stores you should checking out, maybe warn your bank manager, to  reinforce your overdraft beforehand.

imageDover Street Market

Created by Rei Kawakubo founder of fashion brand Comme Des Garcons. DSM has an air of effortlessness too it, it?s understated, urban and trendy. From giant perfume pillars to old shacks the visual displays are incredible. It?s the best department store if you are into design, they have countless installations and a lot impeccable designers and collaborations. From designers like Craig Green to Phoebe English, the store is a borderline exhibition.

imageBlitz London

Located in the heart of Brick Lane in an old furniture factor. Blitz opened up in 2011 and since the birth of this vintage shop it has gone from strength to strength. I can assure you if you visit Blitz you?ll never want to go to any other vintage store. Friendly staff and almost anything you could want and imagine, you could easily argue that this is more of a vintage department store.

imageMachine ? A

Machine ? A prides itself on selling ? interesting and current collections from a blend of standout emerging and established brands.? With a central London space in Soho, it is visited by the people in the fashion know and you can find brands like Christopher Raeburn situated in the store. If you like the quirky urban brands and designers than this concept boutique is for you.


Visually this store is one of the coolest on the list. The design and layout looks other worldly and if that wasn?t cool enough, the brands and designers that are stocked will possibly blow your mind. However, being this cool does have it?s drawbacks as sadly LN-CC is an exclusive boutique in which you must book an appointment for. It?s definitely worth your while and if you get an invite to one of their exclusive events you are one of the very lucky few.

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