Da and Da and Da at Dappad ? Dappad the latest E-Shopping destination

Posted on Feb 26, 2015

imageE-Commerce or making purchases via your computer, is a tough, increasingly overcrowded and horribly competitive industry, but if you listen to the smart money it?s not only the way of the future but if done correctly a lot of money is there to be made and lets not even start to discuss M-Commerce and urging us to use our smart phones as our new retail best friend.

The Fashion retail sector of this industry has to be its most competitive element of this game.  Why only last week we saw on the BBC?s Dragon?s Den all four dragons fighting over a male e-commerce concept and recently in the US we saw the Trunk Club sold to the retailing giant Nordstrom for $350 million?Plus since Christmas alone we at Clothes-Make-the-Man have covered three different clicks (exclusively internet) retailers or e-tailers as the boffins like to call them. So how do you stand out from the on-line crowd and make your presence felt in the cyber jungle ?

Well, one such platform doing so is Dappad a new online destination launched in January, which aims to change the way men shop for clothes. In the fast-paced world we live in, Dappad aims to solve stressful shopping problems with a far more enjoyable process for men who prefer not to shop, so pretty much all of us who hate overcrowded confined spaces, sweaty environments, bad customer service etc.

It all starts with a a couple of simple questions allowing Dappad to collate as much information about a client?s personality as possible. The stylist will then create a ?style profile? complete with likes, dislikes, sizes and measurements, which leads to the creation of a parcel of specifically selected items sent directly to the client?s door. Once the parcel arrives the client is free to try on all the garments in the privacy of his own home and without rude people banging into him, then and only then pay for what is kept, any unwanted items are collected completely free of charge.

By offering men personally selected clothing from desirable, quality labels, Dappad will save you time and money. It provides men with a personal shopping service that builds a stylish and lasting wardrobe to suit individual needs and preferences. Priding itself on the notion that with a carefully and correctly selected wardrobe every man can look good.

The Dappad gentleman can expect a variety of brands to cater for everyday work-wear through to weekend casuals and one-off eveningwear pieces. It?s currently stocking AG Jeans, Orlebar Brown, Cheaney Shoes, Garment Project, Eton Shirts, Gant Rugger, J Lindberg and Tiger of Sweden with more brands being added constantly.


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