Dad Blogger Round-up: Capturing moments in time

Posted on Mar 13, 2017

Dads Round-up

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Every three months it?s my turn to round-up my favourite dad blogs and it comes around so quickly. Much like my daughters 13th birthday which happened this month. I know we all hear this on a regular basis but, where does the time go! I met my wife when my now teenage daughter was only 7, now she?s 13 and to be honest it?s all gone by in a flash. 

This is a huge part of why I blog. I want to capture and remember as much as possible so that when I?m an old guy, OK old-er guy, I can look back and appreciate all the memories my family and I have made together. So when I got to thinking about my theme for this BritMums post I thought, no theme just simply share some love for other dads capturing their current moments in time. 

So in no particular order, with no particular theme here they are?

First up, Tom at Diary of the Dad with Five Kids Products I?ve Lived To Regret Buying. The title immediately grabbed my attention. The amount of money I throw away on products that are either a major let down, don?t get used after 10 minutes or were simply used as a tool of distraction at some point is ridiculous. I particularly enjoyed Tom?s ?review? of the Talking Toilet ? 

Benny AKA DaddyPoppins wrote Can You Have A Relaxing Family Break? We all know the answer is 100% NO! But you need to read how Benny found this out. Oh and look out for the re-written Fresh Prince song? Brilliant!

I don?t know what the rules are about including fellow BritMum Round-up Editors, but Tim is going in for his post When Ordinary People Make The Most Extraordinary Idols. As soon as I saw Tim?s title I immediately built up a relatable expectation of what I was about to read. Tim, you lived up to it mate! I found myself nodding and agreeing with all Tim had to say, specifically about today?s celebrities not being the only source of idols for our children. 

Lastly and linking to Tim?s post about idols, my blogging idol, Nigel at DIYDaddy. I relate to soo many of Nigel?s posts it?s almost like we?re long lost brothers! That brings us nicely onto Nigel?s recent post Half Brothers And Sisters, another I can relate to. My own children are ?officially? half brothers and sisters, however our family take zero notice of that word, we?re family and that?s that, no half about it. 

That?s it from me for another few months. I just wanted to leave you with something that?s been floating around in my head the last few weeks, I?ve no idea where I heard it but it?s been effective? 

Let?s say you have 80 years on this planet, what are you going to do with them?

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