Disney’s Star Wars Land: 10 Dream Attractions Fans Need To See

Posted on May 20, 2016


Not only did The Force Awakens kick off the beginning of a new trilogy, it also seriously reignited fans’ love for Star Wars as a whole, as well as introducing new fans into an amazing realm of cinema. We’re currently set to see multiple standalone spin-off films (including one about a young Han Solo!), but films can only take the imagination so far.

For a long time now the world has wondered what a full-blown Star Wars theme park might be like. We got a taste with Disney’s Star Tours ride, but now we’re getting something even better: Star Wars Land.

Encompassing a massive fourteen acres, Star Wars Land has begun construction and will reintroduce the franchise in a way never seen before, allowing fans to physically experience their favourite Star Wars moments.

With Star Wars being the enormous franchise that it is, there’s a huge amount of opportunity for amazing attractions. Having waited so long for something like this, here are ten dream attractions fans need to see happen.

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