Dissolving Skittles or M&Ms Experiment

Posted on Jan 16, 2016

Hello everyone, I?m Emma from Science Sparks and am very excited about guest posting on Red Ted Art today. My blog Science Sparks is full of fun, creative and engaging science experiments and activity ideas for kids of all ages. Please do pop over to take a look or visit us on facebook.

We?ve loved seeing all the activities so far in the 31 Days of Love series and especially like the paper bag puppets and crayon resist cards.

Dissolving Skittles - a super fun and simple science experiment for kids. Love how quickly the colours dissolve!

We?re going to show you how to make a colourful heart with skittles ( M & M?s or other colourful candy work as well ). This would make a great mini science fair project or just a fun activity at home.

Colourful Dissolving Skittles

What you need:

  • A plate or container ? preferably white
  • Colourful coated sweets
  • Warm water


Place your skittles or sweets into a heart shape in your container, try to alternate the colours.

Fun Experiment with M&Ms or Skittels

Carefully pour the warm water into the container, if you trickle it slowly down the edge the sweets should stay in place

Can you see a lovely coloured heart?

Fun Experiment with M&Ms and Skittels

Why does this happen?

Skittles are coated in food colouring and sugar. When skittles are placed in water the coloured coating dissolves and we see the colour spread through the water.

There are actually two processes happening in this activity. The colour and sugar dissolve into the water and then diffuse through the water.

Extension ideas

Do you get a bigger diffused area of colour from a larger sweet?

Investigate what happens if you use hot and cold water. Do the skittles completely dissolve?

Maybe even try vinegar, can you predict how this might be different?

Just for Fun

Put some skittles into a plastic test tube and give out to your friends for Valentine?s Day.

Fun Experiment with M&Ms or Skittels - a fun colour experiment

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