DIY Spilled Coffee Prank for April Fool?s Day

Posted on Feb 20, 2015

My kids are starting to get old enough to appreciate the fun of ?teasing? or ?tricking? people ? of course, we always emphasise that you need to keep it friendly and nice ? and that tricky any one should be fun and not hurtful or disappointing. So with April Fool?s Day coming up, I thought we would do some April Fool?s Day Crafts ? here is a simple DIY April Fool?s Day prank that the kids can make: Fake Spilled Coffee. It is REALLY easy to make and doesn?t need anything particularly ?special?.. you can make it with a recycled coffee cup from the shop or an old mug from the cupboard (do not use Daddy?s favourite and always ask first!!!!!).

Here we go ? how to make your own April Fool?s Day Spilled Coffee Prop:

DIY April Fools Prank Ideas - Spilled Coffee

April Fool?s Day Spilled Coffee Prop ? Materials:

  • Brown paint, or mix your own using red, blue, yellow and white
  • PVA (or white) glue
  • An old paper cup from the coffee shop
  • Stirrers
  • Grease Proof Paper

April Fool?s Day Spilled Coffee Prop ? How To:

1) Take your paper cup ? make sure it is washed and dried. Then squirt a little red, yellow and blue paint. Give it a good mix.. add more yellows or whites to make the brown a nice coffee colour (see how we did it in the video below).

2) Once you have a brown you are happy with, squirt in some PVA glue ? you will need roughly half and half glue and brown paint. Most PVA glue will dry CLEAR, so don?t worry if your mixture becomes a lighter colour.. it will darken again as the PVA dries.

3) Roll out a piece of greasproof baking paper on a portable tray. Tip your cup onto the shiney side and with a stirrer, help the mixture pour out a little.

4) Now let it dry. And dry some more.. it is likely to take a week or so. You can speed the process up, by putting the tray into a warm airing cupboard.

April Fool's Jokes for Kids - DIY Spilled coffee

5) Once fully dry, carefully peel the brown pva mixture off the greaseproof paper. If it doesn?t come away easily or begin to tear, let dry some more!

AND DONE!!! Have fun.

April Fools Day Pranks - DIY Spilled coffee

Place your cheeky DIY Aprils Fool?s Prank in different places. We had a real giggle with ours.. The Englishman thought straight away we had spilled some coffee, when in fact our craft was still drying! Check out how we did it on the video!! (and do subscribe!).

April Fool?s Day Spilled Coffee Prop ? VIDEO HOW TO:

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