Doctor Who: 10 Most Annoying Companions Of The Revived Series

Posted on Feb 23, 2015

You were all thinking it.



The Doctor would be nothing without his ever growing foray of companions but sometimes you can?t help but wonder if he?d have been better off without some of them.

Since Doctor Who?s return to our screens in 2005, viewers have been introduced to a plethora of companions who have each left their own lasting impression on the ongoing escapades of TV?s favourite Time Lord. And it?s not always necessarily a good one, either.

Don?t get us wrong, though. Each companion is guaranteed to bring something new and unique to the timey-wimey table and it?s always an exciting prospect when the time comes to meet a new one because you never quite know what sort of dynamic their introduction will instate. One thing you can always pretty much always depend on, though, is that they?ll be human.

Some of the Doctor?s faithful allies stepped aboard the TARDIS and never looked back while others were on and off our screens again before you can say ?Raxacoricofallapatorius?. Each one earns their own respective legion of dedicated followers but for everyone singing them praise, there?s bound to be others who are campaigning for their departure. Them?s the breaks.

It?s not always plain sailing in the TARDIS and here are 10 of the most annoying companions the show has seen since its 21st century revival. Because sometimes you just need a rant, you know? It?s not that these guys aren?t loved, they just possess some ? *ahem* ? qualities that make them particularly frustrating, for reasons that will become all too clear when you start reading. If any of the actors who played these characters should be reading this, please don?t take any of it personally. Just go and sit in the corner and think about what you?ve done. With that in mind? Allons-y!

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