Doctor Who: 10 Overused Tropes Of The Steven Moffat Era

Posted on May 29, 2017

We?re halfway through Doctor Who Series 10, and are thoroughly enjoying the exciting and original adventures it?s taken us on so far ? which is surprising, as it?s difficult for a fifty-three-year-old show to keep coming up with new ideas.

For that, we have to applaud Steven Moffat, who?s coming to the end of his term as showrunner after overseeing six whole series of Who. With that time comes familiarity however; sometimes you watch one of his episodes and think ?hang on, I?m sure I?ve seen this before…?

And that?s not just the ones with the Silence in. Every writer has their own recurring tropes, and from types of monsters to ways the Doctor gets rid of them, Steven Moffat?s can be all too noticeable. These ideas may have been brilliant at first, but is there a point where they become passé?

Let?s look at the most common features of Moffat Who, and work out just how brilliant, or irritating – or maybe both – they can be…

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